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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Did you know that may websites use promotion codes at their checkout. So before making a purchase try typing name of store +"discount code" into google, there are many sites who list the codes so it may take a couple on minutes to go through the options, but you will save money. Don't forget that by going through an incentive site you'll also get points or cash. I mainly use ipoints because they have many well known collaborators, but there are others. Some people will suggest signing up to several sites like ipoints, but it's better to have 1000 points on one site than 100 points on 10 sites.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

I've decided to join some new sites, a site I was on before had ads which paid between 0.00001$ and 0.01$ (yes you've read that right) so I never bothered with it until I realised that there were 2-3 0.01$ ads everyday and that you could request payout at any time and they'd send the money to you via paypal, also the ads were really easy to click through because once the count down was up it gave the link to the next ad, so you didn't need to keep going back to the ad list. So I started using the site but sadly it closed down 2 weeks later, but in that time I'd managed to make over $2 with no downline! So I've been looking for a similar site, so far without luck. I've joined:

we'll see how it goes with these! One good thing about all these is the link exchange, which basically allows you to advertise your site.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Finally back into it

Ok I've decided to clean up my act. I've reduced the ptc sites I use and picked out the ones that are actually getting somewhere. Bux3, Buxto and hits4pay. I also wanted to stay with clicksense but since they decided to set my earnings to zero because I hadn't used the site for 3 months it wasn't worth it. so now I just spend half an hour per day, instead of too long which is why I got fed up the first time.
Just remember this is like a pyramid scheme in that those who get in first will earn more because they have more referrals, but because ptc sites are free even if you are at the bottom of the pyramid you won't lose anything. Even at the bottom if you click 30 ads a day = 30x 1c =30cents a day = 30*365 = 109$/year for doing nothing. Which bank pays that much interest?
Remember when clicking on the ads, if it sounds too true to be true it IS (not probably is as most people say!!) and if there is a 1$ trail remember to read the small print, if it says you need to contact them to cancel, try to contact them first to make sure you can speak to someone.
If you plan on investing anything into ptc, ie buying referrals, only invest what you can really avoid to. same as if you were buying shares. lots of ptc's have gone down and people have lost money. The ptc's I'm sticking with have been around for a long time so are less likly to go down but I still would only reinvest what I got from them.
Finally remember to use the referral link in your signature. most people write on facebook etc everyday. so make it worth your time but don't just post the link- that's called spamming

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Still earning

Well it's been a while since I last posted here I'm still using ptc sites though and earning money for nothing, some have died, as expected but the older ones tend to be the most resilient. just seen HSBC is listed on some incentive sites, namely Kudos... so If you are thinking of opening a new account check it out. Well as usually if you are planning on spending any money check for incentives... Bit disappointing Amazon is no longer on ipoints. I've got tons of points through them, but still they have other sites i buy from so always worth checking. Ok thats it for now. Byeee

Monday, 4 August 2008

New Competition!!!

To celebrate my latest payout I'm giving one lucky reader the chance to win a £10 high street voucher (UK only). One entry per person and that's it (multiple entries will be disqualified)

just send an email to with "voucher competition" as the subject
include your name and address so I can post it to you!

closing date: 6th September 2008

Good luck!

Monday, 9 June 2008

where have I been

A few personal issues have kept me busy so i haven't been updateing as much as I should. A few PTC sites have undergone radical changes which as led to some to crash and burn. I've been so busy I was thinking of dropping all of them except Hits4Pay (I'm already on over $10 again, after my $25 pay out i told you about. but I've got back into it again. and did all my clicks this morning in no time. So I'll be updating again soon with more specific details.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Finally paid!

I've just been paid by hits4pay, into my paypal account! What a nice surprise after so many months of clicking (about 5 months actually) and to say it didn't cost me anything or use up any of my time. I just click while watching tv or surfing other sites.
Just waiting for to pay me now. I looked at their TOS again, it says 60 working days! so not inclucing weekends. Thats a long wait, and I'm nearly on my next payout.
Pornobux went down for a while but is back now, so obviously they are commited or else they would have just scarpered.
Sorry the pics not clear. Click on it to see it all-you can frame it if you like!, but I got £12.42 in the end (hits4pay take a small fee but I'm not complaining since they are basically giving me money for nothing!)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

world bux

Since some of the ptc's I used went down I've been looking at others to join, worldbux seems very promising, it's owed by the people at bux3 which has a good reputation.
I've finally been paid out by hits4pay! $25, my first major payout. still waiting on, their 60 days is nearly up to, I requested payout on the 14th february.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

more ptc's gone!

now clix4coins has gone down too, maybe it's just tempory, they changed to a credit system which people didn't like and it looks like google adsense didn't approve either! has also gone down. the Admin says it's because of a threat of legal action from! this may be true but all he needs to do is chgange the name, it seems he's not making much of an effort.
Also i'm not happy with pornobux, they've reduced the value of ads to just 1cent, instead of 3cents, and now have mostly ads for other ptc sites. Once I get my first payout from them I won't bother with the site.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Myster-emails is shutting down. They are finishing off the ads they still have then thats it. I suppose most people didn't believe it was worth their time because of the 0.015 cents (yes cents not $) ads, but they didn't realise that there was also 2-3 1cent ads a day, so it would have been possible to make as much as on advercash/bux.
Clix4coins is being called a scam because they have changed the system. I will wait and see then tell you if it is a scam. Basically they are giving credits for the ad clicks, credits have a value based on advert revenue, so basically the more money the site makes from ad clicks the more they will give us! But since they can't ask people to click on their ads it's to hope the users will be bright enough to figure it out for them selves!